The Clear Kayak Aruba Story


Clear Kayak Aruba was founded in 2016 by Zenon Croes and Eco Tourism enthusiast.
Zenon is born and raised in Aruba and a nature adventurist that was introduced to Kayaking by friends. After the first paddle Zenon became hooked and soon after that he acquired his first kayak.

After some years of wild kayaking on Aruba’s pristine blue seas Clear Kayak Aruba was born. Base of the tour business is a quiet fisherman’s town known as Savaneta. Zenon is a radiologist tech by education but a nature kayak adventurist by heart.

What an adventure is has been for Zenon and his wife Jurima since the early days of 2016. The business has a constant growth and evolution. Tour guides are trained to offer only the best experience.

In the current way of life, going fast and digital are the new norms. Sometimes we forget to relax and enjoy what nature offers us.

It is Clear Kayak Aruba’s mission to offer quality tours with quality equipment led by people of excellence while focusing on preserving nature.

AUG, 2022 - We had a fabulous experience kayaking! The water was quite rough, but our guides JD and Lee very skillfully navigated us away from the shore and into the mangrove area. Our family of four had never done kayaking with such strong waves, but it was fun and nobody fell in the water as the guides were good in assessing when it was safe to cut through the strong current. They shared great information about the vegetation and the history of the area. Would highly recommend!

Kayak Aruba Tour

AUG 7, 2022 - A very beginner friendly kayak tour with amazing views of nature and peacefulness all around. Not to
forget the outstanding explanation of the guides of the surrounding mangroves as well as its inhabitants,
especially of the harmless jellyfishes which was the highlight of the tour. You'll need to see to believe!

Amazing kayak tour!

July 25, 2022 - This was great! Our handsome tour guides know so much about the island and it’s beautiful mangrove forests. They have tons of kayaking experience and will never leave you behind. I’ve never kayaked before, but this tour makes me want to go to Home Depot and buy a kayak right now. The waiting time is short, just make sure you have reliable transportation. Take a taxi and take their card! This tour was so worth our money and more. Also, I recommend wearing water shoes if you’re a beginner!

Love love love

Quality and Excellence

Aruba Quality Seal

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