Zue Yek Lee


Zue Yek Lee, (We call him Zuyek) Tour Guide at Clear Kayak Aruba is originally from the fisherman town called Savaneta where Clear Kayak Aruba is also situated.

Like most who grew up in this area Zuyek is used to playing soccer, beaching, snorkeling and swimming in the area. Allthough Zuyek has a multicultural background he is as local as you will meet.

Zuyek just finished high school and is taking some time off before starting his next big adventure. Zuyek is one of the most relaxed and knowledgeable tour guides. In his free time Zuyek is a skateboard and gym dude.

If you ask Zuyek why he enjoys working at Clear Kayak Aruba he will tell you that he loves the Beach, Nature and Interacting with the new people he meets on the tours.

When you meet Zuyek on any given day you will see why when we think about Zuyek we think “High Tides and Good Vibes”.

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