Night Kayking in Aruba

Night Kayak

Ok so you have your vacation to Aruba secured you are trying to book your favorite activity aboard a Clear Kayak. Which tour suits you best? A Mangrove Forest Day Tour or a Night Kayak under the stars?

Kayakers enjoy kayaking because they get to exercise while enjoying themselves. Kayaking is a popular summer pastime and in Aruba it is always summer.

Besides kayaking being a great activity to do with your friends many people overlook the great results for your body and health that occur from kayaking and especially the benefits from night kayaking.  

There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing then stargazing on a gorgeous night while paddling your way on the turquoise water in Aruba.

ONE reason to kayak at night is that the Ocean Water is warmer at Night. Many people make the mistake of thinks that the ocean water is cooler by night, but this is not true. The heat that the ocean absorbs is mixed with the lower water quickly. At night, while the land cools off quickly, the water at the surface is kept warmer because the water is mixed around with the warmer water underneath. Add the fact that water loses and gains heat at a slower rate than the air does, so, at night, the water cools at a slower rate than the surrounding air and so feels warmer by comparison. So, if you ever went for a swim at night and had the idea that the water was warmer you were actually right! If you are looking to enjoy the ocean in warm waters then choosing to do Night Kayak tour might be just the thing for you. 

SECOND reason for choosing to kayak at night is that there is no Sun Exposure. The sun shines and sends light to the earth but part of that also consists of invisible UV rays. When the UV rays come in contact with the skin, they can cause skin damage. UVA rays cause skin aging and wrinkling and contribute to skin cancer, such as melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer).

While you enjoy getting tanned in the sun while on vacation in Aruba, but too much sun is not part of a healthy lifestyle. Even a “water-resistant” sunscreen will be decreasingly effective when you’re submerged in water. Kayaking at night eliminates the need to protect yourself from those harmful UVA rays.

THIRD reason for Night Kayaking is that you get the chance to burn the midnight oil and improve your sleep. Insomnia and sleep problems are very common. Physical exercise can help to fall asleep and feel rested when in the morning. It is common that people who have problems to sleep is because their body still has built up energy from the day. Kayaking (exercise) during the night burns off your residual energy reduces stress and provide a calming effect that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

FORTH reason to kayak altogether whether by day or night is that kayaking lowers stress levels because being out on the ocean water has a calming effect on the brain and mood.  Regular paddling can help lower levels of depression and anxiety. Builds confidence: Set paddling goals

No wonder our guests are wildly in love with the Night Kayak Tour!! Read the 5star reviews for yourself. Hopefully this article has helped you make a choice between the night and day tour that Clear Kayak Aruba offers. So, book your ticket to Aruba choose your favorite tour and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

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