Fun Fact about Aruba

Fun Fact about Aruba


A fun fact about Aruba most visitors do not know is that there once was a gold fever in Aruba.

The Gold Rush you never knew about

An incredible part of history most visitors do not know is that a young man named Willem Rasmijn discovered a piece of gold embedded in a rock while tending to his sheep in 1824. This was in Rooi Fluit. He showed it to his father who then sold it for money. Off course the news travelled fast and soon everybody was looking for gold in Aruba.

Isla inutele – Useless Island

Another fact you probably did not know is that the Spanish conquistadores that colonized Aruba before had called it Isla Inutile because there was no gold or silver in Aruba, nor was Aruba good for agriculture.

Aruba was colonized many times in the past century but during the Gold Fever, Aruba was in the hands of the Dutch. Soon the Dutch heard about the gold and send troops to guard the gold for the Dutch king at that time William I. The troops were to guard the gold and no nationals were allowed to search for gold. With the heavy guarding and under the strict Dutch eye most of the Aruban gold was shipped to the Netherlands.

The fever hit hard but ended as fast as it started. By 1829 the Dutch stopped searching and allowed the nationals to search for gold again.

There was still gold in Aruba, but this was to deep to find it easily. Mines were built to keep searching. In that time all the work was done manually. It was during that time that the gold mills were build. At the heart of one of the mines in Aruba was build this now gold mill ruin Bushiribana.

In that time Aruba had many gold mines. In 1915 the gold rush was definitely over because the remaining gold was too deep and thus too expensive to dig for it.


Is there still gold in Aruba?

Some people still believe Aruba has gold, but this is too deep and expensive to get to. Also where the Gold is believedBushiribana Mills to be is now our National Park Arikok and protected area.

So, there you have it! A fun fact you never knew about – the gold fever in Aruba and now you know. When you are in Aruba be sure to visit this amazing piece of history with breathtaking views and unimaginable picturesque corners. Check out our tab about other fun things to do while visiting Aruba. 

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