6 Tips for beginner Kayakers

6 Tips for beginner Kayakers

Wind and Weather Conditions Aruba

#1 Wellbeing first – Tips for beginner Kayakers

Lifejackets, otherwise called personal flotation devices are in your best interest to wear, so paddlers should wear one consistently.

# 2 Weather Conditions – Wind and Weather Conditions Aruba

Remember to consider wind and tide conditions before you head out with your kayak. (Checkout the wind and weather conditions for Aruba.) There are a lot of free climate applications you can download to assist you with preparing. In Aruba you should definitely apply sunscreen and bring water appropriate clothes and drinking water.

#3 Right Equipment

Choosing the right kayak for you and your activity is critical. Ocean Kayaking is very different then River Kayaking.

Generally, for beginners doing Ocean Kayaking a ‘sit on top’ kayak would be far easier to handle then a ‘sit in’ kayak. Sit on tops are simpler to paddle, and in light of the fact that they have an open top you can get in and out of them with less effort. They’re typically wider and steadier.

# 4 Double Fun

Beginners are usually nervous to make mistakes and it can even be physically hard to paddle on your own. Like most things, having another person around just feels more comfortable. It’s more fun paddling with others and it’s also safer in case of an emergency.

# 5 Kayak Posture

Beginners should really start out with getting the body posture of kayaking right. This will make you trip easier and more enjoyable overall. You want to keep you back straight and in front of you. Your knees should be slightly bend and your foot soles should be places against the foot pegs. This sitting position will give you more stability to paddle.  

# 6 Paddling

We suggest at least a little research on how to paddle forward, backward stopping and turning techniques before getting on the water especially if going by yourself. There are plenty of videos online to help you. Ultimately you can go with a more experienced kayaker that can help you.

With these tips we hope to have inspired you to let go of any Kayak fears you might have and BOOK a Clear Kayak Aruba Tour when visiting Aruba. Contact Us for more information.

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