Why is Aruba “ONE HAPPY ISLAND”?

Why is Aruba “ONE HAPPY ISLAND”?

Why is Aruba “ONE HAPPY ISLAND”?

The best beaches

Aruba has a variety of beaches and the best thing is that they are all free. It has been sad that Aruba has the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. So, you have to come see for yourself.

Summer all year round

Aruba has the least amount of rainfall in the Caribbean and is situated outside the hurricane belt. Most days are sunny with high temperatures and cool breeze. Aruba’s weather is pretty consistent through the year.

Friendly Locals

Aruba has a diverse population and the majority of it speak at least 4 languages, English, Dutch, Spanish and local Papiamento. Because economy depends on tourism locals here are said to be the friendliest you will meet on a vacation.

Arikok National Park

Aruba is a very small island, yet 20% has been assigned as a protected area and is part of the national park. In the park there are some of the most breath-taking sceneries of the island including “Conchi” the natural pool.

Eat what you want

Influence of more than 50 nationalities together with tourism has made Aruba a gastronomy paradise. Aruba Features many local and international restaurants so there is a bit for every taste!

Hopefully this info is all you need to convince yourself to book a vacation to paradise and come and visit the ONE HAPPY ISLAND.

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